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Strasbourg 1 Day Itinerary: How to Spend an Epic Day in Strasbourg, France

Are you looking for a Strasbourg 1 day itinerary with the best things to do in the area? You’ve come to the right place! Strasbourg is located in the Northeastern part of France in the Alsace region, near the border of Germany. The French and German influences are weaved throughout the culture of this town, especially noticeable in the architecture and food. Strasbourg is located along the Rhine River, so they are known for their wine as well as the scenic canals that run through the town. Ideally you would want to spend more than one day in Strasbourg. But, if that’s all the time that you have, then keep reading for my Strasbourg 1 day itinerary to make the most of your day there!

strasbourg 1 day itinerary

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Strasbourg 1 Day Itinerary Trip Overview

  • Nights: 1
  • PTO/Vacation Days: At least 4, as I assume you will be traveling through other towns in Europe too
  • Currency: Euro
  • Cost: $$

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How to Get to Strasbourg, France

To get to Strasbourg, you will need to fly into either Paris (CDG) or Frankfurt (FRA). From Paris, it’s just a 1 hour and 45 minute train ride, and from Frankfurt it’s a 2.5-hour train ride. My two friends and I actually ended up taking an Uber from the Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg instead of the train so that we could just hit the road (and it was only a little bit more expensive). So just know that that is an option as well!

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

The absolute best area to stay in Strasbourg is the neighborhood called Petite-France. This is the idyllic, scenic area with cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses overlooking the canals. It’s incredible. See below for some great lodging options!

  • Best Luxury Hotel in Strasbourg: The Hotel & Spa Regent Petite France
    • This hotel has amazing reviews and has epic views from the rooms, the spa, and the on-site restaurant
  • Best Mid-Tier Lodging in Strasbourg: This Modern Apartment near the Cathedral!
    • There are quite a few great VRBO’s and apartments for rent that are in the heart of Petite France. This one in particular has stellar reviews, nice modern furnishings, and views of the cathedral

Getting Around in Strasbourg

You can easily do everything on this itinerary just from walking. You’ll want to stay in the Petite France area of Strasbourg the whole time, as this is the most idyllic area in Strasbourg, and pretty much everything is walking distance!

Strasbourg 1 Day Itinerary

Now it’s time for the exciting stuff – the best things to do and see during your 24 hours in Strasbourg!

Breakfast: L’Atelier 116 for the Best Croissant in Strasbourg

best breakfast strasbourg

One of the best parts about being in France is the food, am I right? That will be a theme of this 1-day Strasbourg itinerary. Kick off your morning with the best croissant in Strasbourg, at Atelier 116. You can order at the counter and snag one of the few small tables inside, or take it to-go as you walk around!

Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

One of the best things to do in Strasbourg is to visit the Cathedral Notre Dame in the heart of Petite France! This elaborate gothic cathedral is quite the sight to see. Both the outside and the interior are stunning! Meander through the inside and admire the stained glass windows. This cathedral is also known for the astronomical clock inside. Every day at 12:30 the clock goes off with a parade of wooden figures dancing around. If you happen to be there around this time, you should check it out!

Boat Cruise around the Canals

One of my favorite parts of my 1 day in Strasbourg was taking the Batorama boat cruise around the canals. You can buy your ticket on the dock right near the Cathedral Notre Dame, or you can buy ahead online if you are visiting during the high season and don’t want to wait in line. It cost about 24 Euros for a 1-hour cruise.

I visited Strasbourg in February, so since it was chilly, there was a glass roof over the boat. However, if you are visiting in the Spring/Summer, you have the option to take an open-air boat. They give you headphones so that you can easily hear the captain giving an audio tour explaining what you are looking at as you go by.

Lunch – Tart Flambée

During your 1 day in Strasbourg, you MUST try Tarte Flambée. It’s one of the signature dishes of the Alsace region, and is basically like their version of a flatbread. It has super thin bread (almost like a crepe) covered with cheese and onions. Order it as a share-able dish and dig in! Some great places to try it are Flams, Binchstub Broglie, or Aux Armes de Strausbourg (where we went, we picked it because it was close to our flat and it was delicious!)

Walk Around Petite-France

After lunch, spend some time walking around Petite-France. Wander down cobblestone alleyways that strike your fancy, cross over the bridges along the canals, pop into any interesting shops. This area is truly so unique. To get to the BEST area of Petite-France (in my opinion), put “Maison des Tanneurs” in your Google Maps. This restaurant along the canals is in a cool 16th century house, and is one of the landmarks of the city. Starting around here is where the canal houses are the most stunning.

strasbourg 1 day itinerary

Pro tip: get an eclair from Donatien Maître Eclair (and maybe some champagne) and bring it to a bench overlooking the canal for a little sweet treat with a view! This is hands down the best eclair I’ve ever had.

Happy Hour on a Boat Cafe

With only 24 hours in Strasbourg, you’ve got to carve out some time for drinks with a view! There are a few little cafes on stationary barges parked on the canals. We went to one called Cafe Atlantico and had some drinks on the water. It was lovely! I definitely recommend doing this during your 1 day in Strasbourg.

Pro tip: Strasbourg is known for their Riesling wine. Give it a try! It’s not as sweet as the Riesling in the US, it tastes more like a Pinot Grigio in my opinion, and is so good!

Traditional Alsatian Food for Dinner

You should definitely eat dinner at a spot in Strasbourg that serves traditional Alsatian food to try some signature dishes of the area. There are a few great spots to choose from, like Maison des Tanneurs (mentioned above – reservations only), Brasserie Des Haras, or Chez Yvonne to name a few. We went to Chez Yvonne, and it was great! The restaurant is in what looks like a little townhouse, with cozy dining rooms on multiple floors. The food was delicious. A few signature dishes to try include Choucroute (sauerkraut and sausages), Baeckeoffe (slow-cooked casserole with layers of meat, potatoes and vegetables), and Coq au Riesling (chicken cooked in wine).

Drinks at a Speakeasy Bar

Getting fancy cocktails at a hidden speakeasy in a new city is always a fun time. Cap off your Strasbourg 1 day itinerary with doing just that! To get to Bar Aedan, you ender through a pizzeria. Go through the restaurant, past the kitchens to the back, and open the freezer door. You’ll be transported to a cool, loungey bar with incredible drinks!

If you Have More Time…

Visit the Wine Region

If you find yourself with more than 1 day in Strasbourg, I highly recommend visiting the wine region in the area. I didn’t have time for this on my trip, but I wish I did!

Assuming you won’t have your own car, I would take a guided day trip to the wine region. This one has great reviews and takes you to a few different wineries throughout the day, with wine tastings included!

Eat at La Cloche à Fromage

If you love cheese, you’ve GOT to have a meal at La Cloche à Fromage. The cheese is aged on-site, and every dish includes fresh cheese. I recommend ordering the Raclette, which stems from the French word “racler” which means “to scrape”. They bring out a half wheel of cheese under this heat lamp and as it starts melting, you scrape a layer off onto your plate of potatoes and veggies. It’s delicious!


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