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The Perfect 2 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary

Full of amazing views of the Adriatic Sea, rich history and medieval walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia is a city that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. It’s one of my top 3 favorite cities in Europe! The Old Town is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site, and is also one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. The Old Town is compact and walkable, so spending 2 days in Dubrovnik is enough to see the main sights and get a feel for the city. Keep reading for my 2-day Dubrovnik itinerary and start planning your trip to Croatia!

2 days in dubrovnik

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2 Days in Dubrovnik: Trip Overview

  • PTO/Vacation Days: 4-7 (assuming you want to see other parts of Croatia on your trip!)
  • Currency: Kuna
  • Exchange Rate: $1 USD = 7.22 Kuna
  • Closest Airport: DBV
  • Getting Around: Uber or Taxi (but once you’re in Old Town, everything is walkable)

When is the Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Peak season is May – August. July and August are the most hot and crowded months. I visited in late June. It was super hot, but not as crowded as I expected. For your 2 days in Dubrovnik, I recommend visiting in the shoulder months, maybe April or May, or October, to beat the crowds and the heat.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik?

where to stay in dubrovnik

I highly recommend staying in either a hotel or VRBO in Old Town. Everything in this itinerary is in Old Town, which is super walkable. We stayed in this cute townhouse apartment. It was centrally-located, sleeps 5 people, has a great view from the top floor, and a nice little outdoor patio!

2-Day Dubrovnik Itinerary: Day 1

Walk the City Walls

best things to do in dubrovnik

There are so many awesome things to do in Dubrovnik. I recommend kicking off your 2 days in Dubrovnik by walking the walls of the city. This is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik, and for good reason! Getting up on the city fortress walls with an aerial view is amazing.

It cost 200 Kuna (about $28) for a ticket to get up on the city walls. Apparently, they have been increasing the price by 50 Kuna every year the past few years, so that price may change in the future. You can buy tickets at the Pile Gate (your Google Maps will take you right there) and start your walk from here.

The walk is a little over a mile long, but give yourself about 2 hours to complete it. You’ll want to stop to take pictures along the way, trust me! There are a few cafes dotted throughout that sell waters, drinks and snacks.

There is NO shade, so make sure you start early morning or evening to beat the heat.

The views along the walk are spectacular, with new vantage points and points of interest around every turn. Almost to the end of your walk (if starting from Pile Gate), you’ll arrive at Minceta Fortress. This tower is the highest point in the walled city. You can take the stairs up to the top and soak in the view!

Just about right next to Minceta Fortress, we stumbled upon a little air-conditioned bar inside the stone wall. This is a great place to cool down and get a drink! It’s such a cool little spot.

Pro Tip: fill up your water bottle before or after your city wall walk at Large Onofrio’s Fountain. This famous landmark is right by the Pile Gate entrance!

Lovrijenac Fort

what to do in dubrovnik

Your ticket to walk the city walls is also good for entrance into Lovrijenac Fort, which is just a few minute’s walk right outside the walls. For Game of Thrones fans, Lovrijenac Fort is the location of the “Red Keep”. It’s also a great spot to see a view of the Adriatic Sea + the Old Town.

Lunch in Town

There are several great restaurants lined throughout the alleys of the city. A few options that were recommended to me by a local are Nishta (vegetarian), Guloso (burgers), and Marco Polo.

Buza Bar

In my opinion, no trip to Dubrovnik is complete without stopping at the famous Buza Bar. It’s a must-do during your 2 days in Dubrovnik! Google Maps will take you to the right area, but it might be difficult to find at first. There is no sign or door, but rather a hole in the city walls that you walk through which leads you out to the most amazing cliffside bar with a view of the Adriatic Sea.

Make sure to wear a swimsuit under your clothes. After enjoying a drink with a view, you can walk down and jump in the water! If you are more of a thrill-seeker, you can even jump off the cliffs into the ocean below.

Wander the Alleys

Dubrovnik is such a scenic and historic town full of the coolest little alleyways. The Old Town is compact enough that you won’t get lost, so take your time, turn your Google Maps off, and just start wandering. There are plenty of shops, gelato spots, little wine bars, etc around every turn. The further you go away from the main street (Stradon), you’ll see more scenic residential spots too.

Cable Car + Dinner at Panorama Restaurant

cable car dubrovnik

One of the best things to do in Dubrovnik is to take the cable car up the Srd Hill. The cable car runs from Old Town straight up to the top of the hilltop, offering the absolute best views looking down at the city below. Not only is it a great place to go watch the sunset, but there’s also a restaurant at the top!

The cable car runs year-round, and goes until 11pm in the summer months. The most convenient way to buy tickets is directly at the station. It’s 110 Kuna one-way for adults. I was traveling in a group of 5 people. We opted to take the cable car up, and then take a taxi down at then end of our dinner. It is also possible to hike up instead of cable car or taxi.

Panorama Restaurant at the top of Srd Hill is awesome. The views are breathtaking, especially at sunset, and the food is good. It’s a bit expensive, but this is as to be expected for any sort of restaurant with a view.

Make sure to make a reservation in advance! This is a popular spot.

2-Day Dubrovnik Itinerary: Day 2

Breakfast in Old Town Dubrovnik

There are plenty of great breakfast spots lined along the streets. We picked one right across the street from Buzz Bar (not to be confused with Buza Bar) and it was great! The “fruit toast”, which is basically French toast with berries on top, was amazing.

Lokrum Island

what to do in dubrovnik

After breakfast, you can catch one of the ferries from town to Lokrum Island. They leave about every hour, and the ride is just 15 minutes long. On the island, there’s some rock beaches, a few restaurants, a historic monastery, and wild peacocks roaming around!

Alternatively to the ferry, you could also take a kayak tour to the island. This is a great way to soak in the views of not only the island, but also the Old Town, from a different viewpoint.

Game of Thrones Tour / Sightseeing

game of thrones steps dubrovnik

If you are a Game of Thrones fanatic, you’ll likely want to take a guided tour around the city to see all the specific spots from the show. This Game of Thrones tour looks great! It’s only $20, lasts about 2 hours, and your guide is someone who actually worked on the show!

If you liked the show but aren’t a fanatic, you can do without a guided tour. Dubrovnik as a whole was the setting for Kings Landing in the show, so just being there soaking it in was enough to satisfy my Game of Thrones needs. You can also visit the Jesuit Stairs in Old Town, which is the iconic scene of the Cersei “shame” walk scene!

Go for a Swim

If you’re here in the summer, it gets super hot. Cool off during your 2 days in Dubrovnik by going for a midday swim. A few options:

best things to do in dubrovnik
  • Bard Bar
    • Similar to Buza Bar (and very close to it), find the right hole in the wall to get into Bard Bar and order a drink with a view. From here, there are stairs leading down to the water with a few different points to get in and go for a swim!
  • Banje Beach
    • If you want to lay on the beach, Banje Beach is located just a few minutes walk from Ploce Gate. Either bring your own towel to lay out on, or pay a few euros for a chair and umbrella. There’s a bar here serving drinks as well.
  • Porporela Swimming Area
    • Right by the Old Port, walk around the old pier jutting out and go around the corner. This spot is popular with locals. Grab a spot on the rocks as your home base and jump in and swim! There’s fresh water showers here as well.

Franciscan Monestary

Escape the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik without even leaving the city walls. The 14th century Franciscan Monasetary is a religious complex where the friars used to hang out back in the day, consisting of the cloister, a museum, and a beautiful Baroque church. The cloister is like a very peaceful, calming garden terrace.

dubrovnik itinerary

One of the most interesting parts of the Franciscan Monastery is the old pharmacy that is attached. The pharmacy is the oldest functioning pharmacy in world, built in 1317!

To get there, simply head down the Stradon (main street) to the end near Pile Gate. It’s located right next to the gate.  

Drinks at D’Vino Wine Bar

Head to D’Vino wine bar for some great local wines + amazing charceuterie boards, nestled in a cool little alley. Order the Big Boss Platter – it comes with olives, garlic, and sundried tomatoes in addition to the cheese and salami. So good!

Dinner in Old Town Dubrovnik

old town dubrovnik

For dinner, try one of these great options!

Proto: Michelin Star restaurant

Lady Pi-Pi: amazing authenitic food set up away from the main street in a cute garden terrance with ivy on the walls. They don’t take reservations. Expect a wait!

Above 5 Rooftop: I’m a sucker for dinner/drinks with a view. I’ve heard good things about this rooftop restaurant in town! I recommend making a reservation

2 Days in Dubrovnik: Packing List

Besides the obvious clothes & essentials, make sure to not leave without packing the following items:

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