The Best Things to Do in Mammoth | Your Guide to an Epic Weekend Road Trip

Mammoth Mountain is the ultimate weekend ski destination for California residents. With over 3,500 acres of ski-able terrain, 28 lifts (including 3 gondolas) and an average snowfall of 33 feet per year, it arguably rivals the popular Colorado resorts. Even if you don’t ski or snowboard there are plenty of other fun things to do in Mammoth, including some amazing places to stop on the way. Keep reading for the best things to do in Mammoth for your weekend road trip!

things to do at mammoth mountain

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Mammoth Trip Overview:

PTO/Vacation Days Needed: 0-2
Nights: 2-3
Cost: $$

How to Get to Mammoth Lakes, CA:

drive to mammoth from Los Angeles

1. Drive
The drive from LA is easy and scenic, and takes about 5.5 hours depending on traffic getting out of the city. I’ve driven both after work on a Friday night, and super early Friday morning to head straight to the slopes. I recommend driving in the morning if you can – that way you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Eastern Sierras in the daylight. There are some amazing stops you can make on the way that make the drive to Mammoth totally worth it.
Tip: Check the weather conditions before making the drive to see if you’ll need snow chains. If you do, there’s a spot to pull off on the side of the road to put your chains on when you’re about 15 minutes from town.
2. Fly
If you’re coming from out of state, or just don’t feel like driving, you have the option to fly into Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH). The airport is located about 25 minutes from Mammoth Mountain, and you can get a shuttle from the airport for about $22. There are often deals from Alaska Airlines and United for a free lift ticket if you ski the same day you fly in, so definitely check that out if you’re planning on flying.
*Note- if you don’t ski or snowboard, skip about half-way down this post to read about alternative things to do in Mammoth Lakes!

How to Get the Best Deal on Mammoth Lift Tickets:

Don’t pay full-price for your Mammoth Mountain lift tickets!! (unless you’re cool with spending $180+/day on them).
For the 2019 season, your best bet for getting the cheapest Mammoth Mountain lift tickets is:
  • Buying them from REIIf you’re an REI member, you can buy a 2-pack of lift tickets for $190 (basically BOGO)
  • Buying from Costco – buy your Mammoth lift tickets in a 5-pack for $90 each
In years past, they’ve mailed out ValPak coupons for BOGO lift tickets, however I haven’t seen this coupon yet this year so they may have stopped doing it.

snowboarding mammoth mountain

Where to Stay in Mammoth:

If you’re going with a group, Airbnb is your best option. There are several condos in the village and surrounding area, but make sure you book in advance as they book up quickly! (If it’s your first time using Airbnb, use this link to book and you’ll get $40 off!)
There are also several hotels and lodges in the area. Get one as close to the village as possible for convenience – you can then walk to the gondola, shops and restaurants! I’ve heard great things about the Westin Monache Resort (located just steps from the gondola!)
Budget Option:
If you’re traveling on a budget, or if most places are already booked in Mammoth, you can stay at a motel in neighboring town Bishop and drive the scenic 45 minutes each morning to the slopes. Check out a site like Booking.com to find the hotel with the cheapest rate for your dates. I’ve stayed at the Days Inn in Bishop before and found it to be clean and comfortable for the price.
There are quite a few restaurants in town at Bishop. One of my favorites is the Pizza Factory, not only because of the good pizza, but also because of the fact that they have Guitar Hero 1 in the arcade room which makes for a fun evening after skiing.

Where to Rent Your Ski/Snowboard Gear

snowboarding mammoth mountain

While renting your gear at Mammoth Mountain may seem convenient, it’s actually not so convenient when you arrive at the mountain in the morning and see the huge line of people all waiting to get their gear! Also, it can be more expensive to rent from Mammoth than from other spots in the area.
I recommend renting from P3 Ski and Snowboard Rentals, located on Main Street in town. Before I bought my own gear I used to rent from here and found the staff to be super knowledgeable and friendly. They have a great selection of gear, including demos.
If you want the ultimate convenience and don’t mind paying a little extra, I’ve heard great things about Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery. After you input your sizes and information, this company will deliver ski/snowboard rental options straight to your door for you to try on and choose from! They even offer clothing rentals and other accessories, so if you forget to pack your goggles they have you covered.
Pro Tip: Buy Your Own Gear!
If you live in SoCal and envision yourself going to Mammoth a few times per year, I recommend just buying your own gear. You’ll end up saving time and money after just a few uses! You can even find pretty good snowboards or skis on Amazon, like this Burton Genie Snowboard or these K2 Skis.
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Tips for Skiing Mammoth Mountain (most of which really apply to skiing anywhere)

snowboarding mammoth mountain

  • Pack a small backpack with snacks and lunch. If you don’t want to ski with a backpack on, you can rent a locker for pretty cheap. The food at Mammoth Mountain is over-priced and mediocre. There’s a Vons in town where you can buy ingredients to make a sandwich to bring with you, or whatever else you may want! 
  • Pack a few beers in your backpack ($11 beers?? no thank you!)
  • They have filtered water and cups in all of the lodges, so you don’t need to worry about bringing/carrying a water bottle
  • Avoid going on holiday weekends – it gets super crowded
  • I personally like starting at Canyon Lodge, as it’s central and has a lot of great runs right there

June Mountain

Your Mammoth Mountain lift ticket is actually good at June Mountain as well, which is a smaller mountain about 45 minutes past Mammoth. While this resort isn’t as big as Mammoth Mountain, it’s good to check out every now and then especially if you want to escape the crowds. We went one day last year when Mammoth was super crowded, and we felt like the only ones on the mountain at June!

June Mountainsnowboarding June Mountain

Mammoth Apres Ski Tips

Best Place for Happy Hour at Mammoth– Clocktower Cellar
My absolute favorite place to go for happy hour after a day on the slopes is Clocktower Cellar, an underground pub across from the village that has a true mountain town bar feel. This local hangout spot has the best happy hour deals in town, and also has pool and foosball tables.


Best Brewery at Mammoth: Black Doubt Brewery

mammoth brewery

If you like craft beer, you’ve got to try this place! They consider themselves a “nano-brewery” which produces beers in smaller batches than a micro-brewery. In addition to a great selection of craft beer, they also have board games and a live band on occasion. Don’t come hungry though – they don’t serve food here! Which leads me to my next category…
Best Brewery that Also Has Good Food: Mammoth Brewing Company

best places to eat in mammoth

I have mixed emotions about this place… it’s in the village so it’s super convenient, but it’s also a bit touristy and can get really crowded. However- it’s a fun atmosphere, the beers are good, and the food is also really good. You order food at the counter and the line can be long, but just go in to it knowing that this will not be a quick stop and sit down and enjoy some beers while you wait! It’s pretty spacious inside, so it’s good for a big group.
Best Place for a Sit-Down Dinner: Mammoth Tavern


Located right near Black Doubt Brewery, Mammoth Tavern is a restaurant with great food and amazing cheese fondue. Perfect after a day at the slopes!


restaurants in mammoth

Best Place for Apres-Ski Activities: Mammoth Rock N’ Bowl
I have yet to go here but have heard great things about the new bowling alley in town – Mammoth Rock N’ Bowl, located right around the corner from Black Doubt Brewery. Grab a pitcher of beer and bowl some rounds with your friends for a fun time after a day of skiing.
Pro Tip: Since there are no Ubers in Mammoth, to get around you’ll have to either call a taxi or take the trolley. The trolley is free, and comes about every 20 minutes. Check the app to track the location and save money by using this free transportation!

Things to Do in Mammoth BESIDES Skiing/Snowboarding/Other Snow Activities:

There are plenty of fun things to do in Mammoth besides skiing and snowboarding. Even if you do ski/snowboard, I recommend including an extra day into your Mammoth trip to check out these beautiful places in Mammoth Lakes!
1. Natural Hot Springs

wild Willys hot spring

Mammoth Lakes is known for the many natural hot springs that can be found in the area. One of the most popular and easiest to find is called Wild Willy’s Hot Spring.

wild Willys hot spring

It’s about 20 minutes from the village at Mammoth Mountain and is on the way back towards LA (off of Highway 395). If you type “Wild Willy’s Hot Spring” into Google Maps, it will take you there. The small gravel road that leads to the parking lot near the hot springs is sometimes closed off if there is a lot of snow. If this happens, park on the side of the main road and walk on the snowy road for about a mile and you’ll reach the hot springs (trust me- it’s worth it!).

wild Willys hot spring

Once you get to the parking lot, you’ll see a boardwalk heading straight for about 0.2 miles. This will lead you directly to the hot springs.

wild Willys hot spring

There are two different hot spring pools to choose from, both with warm water and great views. The first pool on the left is about 10 feet wide and 2 feet deep, and is shaped like a heart. The next pool on your right is bigger and a bit shallower than the first one. Bring some beers, soak in the spring and enjoy the panoramic view of the Eastern Sierras!

wild Willys hot springwild Willys hot spring

There are quite a few other hot springs to choose from, including “Crab Cooker” and “Hilltop Tub”, however they are harder to find than Wild Willy’s Hot Spring and are much smaller. Wild Willy’s is great if you have a few friends with you as it can hold a large group.
If the road is closed due to snow and you don’t want to hike to get there, another option is to go to Keough’s Hot Springs which are about an hour past Wild Willy’s, towards Bishop. There won’t be any snow there so you’ll have no trouble driving straight up to the springs. This natural hot spring creek is a lot smaller than Wild Willy’s, but it’s a nice alternative!

Keough hot springKeough hot spring

Tips for the Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs:

  • Already be wearing your swimsuit when you arrive – there are no changing rooms or facilities. You’re literally just out there in nature.
  • Clothing is optional at all of the hot springs in the area, although most tourists will be wearing swimsuits.
  • Bring a pair of flip flops to wear to walk back to the car once you get out of the hot springs – much easier than putting socks on when you’re wet!
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel.
2. Hot Creek Geological State Park

hot creek mammoth

If you are looking for even more beautiful scenery to explore, head to Hot Creek. This geothermal creek is about 20 minutes from the village at Mammoth Mountain, in the same direction heading towards LA. You can put “Hot Creek Geological Site” in your Google Maps to take you there. There will be about 3 miles of dirt road that turns to a gravel road where you will then see signs, a small parking lot and restrooms. From here you are right at the overlook where you can view the geothermal creek from above.

hot creek mammoth

You’ll see signs about the scalding water – you cannot swim in this creek! It is way too hot. There’s a short switchback trail that takes you down to water-level so you can walk alongside the creek and check it out and see the steam rising above the water.

hot creek mammothhot creek mammoth

Fun Things to Do on your Drive Back from Mammoth to Los Angeles:

If you are driving back to LA from Mammoth, there are a few fun stops you can make along the 5.5 hour drive:
1. Schat’s Bakery in Bishop, CA

schats bakery

There is a Schat’s Bakery location in Mammoth, however that location is much smaller and is not the original. The one in Bishop has a bigger selection. Once you get about an hour into your drive, you’ll reach the town of Bishop where you should definitely stop at Schat’s Bakery. This bakery has been making bread since 1938 and still makes everything from scratch with no preservatives. Fun fact – they actually make 6x more bread daily than they have residents in the town!! That’s 25,000 loaves per day. They have both savory and sweet baked goods, as well as a deli stand for homemade sandwiches. I normally stop here and grab a few things to-go. My favorite thing to take home is the Cherry Streudel. Pop it in the oven when you get home to warm it up – SO GOOD.
2. Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills, CA

Mobius Arch

About an hour past Schat’s Bakery you’ll reach the town of Lone Pine, which is where most backpackers stop before hiking Mt. Whitney – the highest summit in the contiguous U.S. The Mobius Arch is a naturally-occurring rock archway that perfectly frames Mt. Whitney in the background. If you put “Mobius Arch” into Google Maps, it should take you on a 5-minute drive down a dirt road to the trailhead, where you will then have a quick 10-minute walk to the arch. It’s a spectacular site!


3. Indian Wells Brewing Company
About an hour past Mobius Arch, you’ll arrive at this little brewery in the middle of nowhere, right off Highway 395. This microbrewery brews their beer with pure artesian spring water and they also bottle their own sodas. While I wasn’t crazy about the beers I tried (a bit too sweet for my taste), I still found it to be an enjoyable spot to break up the drive and have a drink with a view (just make sure you have a D.D) and support a local business!

4. Red Rock Canyon State Park

red rock canyon state park

One of my favorite things to do on the way home from Mammoth is to stop at Red Rock Canyon State Park. About 30 minutes past Indian Wells Brewery, you’ll arrive at Red Rock Canyon State Park right off Highway 395. If you have time, park at the campground and take one of the many short hiking trails to the top of the rocks and check out the view. It’s beautiful! We actually camped here on our way to Death Valley National Park (click to read my blog post about it).

5. Musical Road
About one hour past Indian Wells Brewing Company, you’ll arrive in Lancaster where you can check out Musical Road. (You can just put “Musical Road” in your Google Maps to take you there). This short road was built in such a way that when you drive over the strategically-placed grooves, you’ll hear the music of “William Tell Overture”. Apparently driving at a speed of 55mph produces the optimal sound quality.
6. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve
If the right circumstances occur (based on the amount of rain/temperatures), a “Super Bloom” may happen, where the Southern California desert landscapes are covered in wildflowers. This happened last year and is expected to happen again this year! If you are driving back from Mammoth at the right time of year to see this, definitely stop by Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve (about 15 minutes from Musical Road) to check it out.

From here, you are almost back to LA!
To follow along my Mammoth journey, check out my video guide!

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